Finance & Science: Two Sides of the Same Coin

John K. Celebi, MBA, President & Chief Executive Officer

The path to bringing a novel cancer immunotherapy to patients is marked by countless decisions, big and small, the vast majority of which concern either science or money. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sensei’s CFO, Erin Colgan, about the all-important but often misunderstood relationship between these two integral components in the success of a clinical stage biotech company.

In our conversation, Erin and I take a walk down memory lane to a financial event that has shaped Sensei’s clinical progress – our February 2021 IPO. The two of us began laying the groundwork for the IPO during the grim and unusual COVID summer of 2020, slogging through long monastic days full of Zoom meetings. The pandemic did not hamper her progress, however, and Erin got the job done in just about six months. As she will tell you in detail herself when you listen, the thoughtfully timed IPO she spearheaded has enabled us to enter the clinic with SNS-101 this year while maintaining cash runway into H2 2025.

While Sensei researchers have navigated the scientific path to SNS-101, having the financial resources to reach patients with our innovative therapeutic antibody has always rested in Erin’s hands. We are so excited to be making steady progress, with the first trial patient dosed in early June. Having Erin to keep us on track, we continue to feel optimistic about our vision of creating new immunotherapy options for patients who are unable to benefit from current lines of treatment.


Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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John K. Celebi, MBA, President & Chief Executive Officer

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