Who we are

Life at Sensei

At Sensei, we marvel at innovative science and anticipate the lessons we have yet to discover. Our team is comprised of lifelong learners striving for insight at the intersection of immunology, oncology and biology. We thrive when we learn and believe nature is our best teacher.

We are driven to apply our scientific curiosity to the critical needs faced daily by people who are diagnosed with cancer and the physicians who treat them. We stay humble, always follow the data, and believe that our deep knowledge of cancer biology, the tumor microenvironment, and immunology will lead us to effective therapies.

Our Core Values

Our core values define the company we strive to be and the impact we hope to make.

Science / Trust it

We trust the scientific process, and are rigorous in our research and data-driven in our decision-making.

Respect / Give it

We respect each other and feel a responsibility to our colleagues and to those whose lives we aim to improve through our therapies.

Integrity / Live it

We live with integrity in all aspects of our interactions and our work.

Teamwork / Build it

We work as a team, collaborating, building relationships, and motivating and developing ourselves and others in ways that keep us moving toward our ambitious goals.

Employee Stories

Faith Finley

Faith Finley

Research Associate II

“I have always been interested in immuno-oncology, and the many unique ways scientists are addressing the interface of the immune system with tumors. Sensei's approach to targeting antibodies using tumor-specific environmental factors was particularly interesting to me.”

Arash Samiei

Arash Samiei


“At Sensei, I’ve found a friendly, science-oriented team that’s passionate about doing groundbreaking work. And a great tea selection in the office!”

Cosy Clemens

Cosy Clemens

Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

“This is a place where it’s fun to come to work and get to know the different sides of a company. I know that I can ask questions, and my co-workers are willing to help and explain the projects that they have going on.”

The Latest from Sensei

We’re pleased to announce that we will present preclinical data on SNS-101, a conditionally active VISTA-blocking antibody, and SNS-102, a monoclonal antibody targeting VSIG4, at the @sitcancer Annual Meeting in Boston. Details: https://t.co/Bn2OVA6c2f #SITC https://t.co/2I0xDSIVvz senseibio photo
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We are proud to be listed on multiple ‘Best Of’ lists from Comparably.

HQ: 451 D St, Unit 710 , Boston, MA 02210

MD: 1405 Research Blvd, Suite 125,
Rockville, MD 20850